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Parks and Recreation: Parks Committee

The Parks Committee is made up of members from the New Sharon community.  It is a volunteer group that strives to make New Sharon a better place to live.  If you are interested in participating at meetings, they are held the second Monday of each month September through May, second and fourth Monday of each month from May through September5:30 at the New Sharon Town Office.  You may participate as much or as little as you like.

This past year the team:

*Sponsored a yard sale which funds our team.

*Arranged with the local girl scouts to help pick up trash on Earth Day along the Sandy River walking trail, Main Street, and Rt. 2

*Purchased two wooden benches for the recreation trail along the Sandy River.  Plaques were mounted on each one in memory of Sally Locke, a founding member of CIT who loved that area and had a vision for increasing its use.

*Purchased a trash can that is anchored to the guard rails at the end of Main Street.

*Planted, weeded, and harvested vegetables from the community garden that is located down by the library.  There were approximately 75 deliveries made to 25 families.

*Maintained the flower beds at the end of the Post Office Road and the end of Industry Road.

*Organized the scarecrow reunion.

*Organized the lighting of the Christmas tree on Route 2

*Honored our veterans with a summer bouquet and winter wreath on the monument, handled the upkeep of the flags that fly down Route 2 and other roads in town.


Many people who are not active members of the team donate money, time and supplies. If time doesn’t allow you to come to meetings but you would like to be on an e-mail list to participate when your schedule allows, see one of the members.

We want to say “Thank you to the many people who donate money, time or materials -- we appreciate you all!”



The Parks Committee

Co-Chairs: Anisa Welch (778-3748) and

Wendy Pond (778-9025)


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