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Neighborhood Traffic Control Program

In June, 2020, the Board of Selectmen recognized the need to address frequent neighborhood concerns about traffic safety.


If you have a neighborhood traffic control complaint or concern, please email

Program: The Neighborhood Traffic Control Program (NTCP) utilizes the new portable radar speed sign obtained through a grant with the State of Maine Department of Transportation. 

This involves a level of community engagement. 



What can each of us do to help with traffic calming? Go slow and be aware!  By driving at safe speeds and staying focused on the task of driving, you help increase the livability of our neighborhoods. You'll be more aware of what's going on around you and you'll be able to react to unexpected events, making our streets safer.

When you observe speeding, contact the Town of New Sharon through the form below or by emailing Please include your name, address, telephone number and a brief message/explanation of your observations or concerns.

Teach your children to be streetwise.  Streets are transportation corridors for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists; they are not playgrounds.


Please don’t try to force drivers to slow down.  You can place yourself in a dangerous, hostile situation that could result in injury to yourself or others around you. Instead, contact the Town of New Sharon at or call the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office at 207-778-2680. For immediate emergency situations, please dial 9-1-1.

Please don’t place plastic figures, signs or other objects in the public street right-of-way, including the road shoulder.  These objects create a liability for yourself and the Town, plus the New Sharon Municipal Code does not allow residents to control traffic or place anything in the Town’s right-of-way unless approved by the Town. You should also know the Town does not have to locate the owner before removing and disposing of objects and signs found in the Town’s right-of-way.


The best approach you can take is to practice defensive driving, walking and cycling skills, and encourage those you know to do the same.  Safety is a shared responsibility.  Be aware – don’t be distracted, and no matter how hurried you are, take time to travel right!

Town of New Sharon Board of Selectmen

Lorna Nichols, Travis Pond, Paula Nason

NTCP Contact Form

Thank you for helping to make our community safe!


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