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2024 Election

of Officers

Friday, March 1


Voting at the Town Office

12 p.m. - 7 p.m.



Annual Town Meeting

Saturday, March 2

Cape Cod Hill Elementary School

9:00 a.m.​


Absentee Ballots 

Available Now

You may vote early in person in the presence of the Town Clerk.

You may call and personally request a ballot be mailed to you.

You can complete an application for an absentee ballot during Town Office hours.

New Sharon Local Food Sovereignty Ordinance

New Sharon Parks and Recreation Commission Ordinance

2024 Annual
Town Meeting

2023 was another busy year for the Board!  Selectman Travis Pond started as Chair and served until June in that capacity. His bid for reelection on the County Budget Committee failed. According to our records he’s the second New Sharon Board member to ever serve. 

Selectperson Paula Nason took over as chair from June through the remainder of the year. Her previous position on the Dyer Scholarship Committee was taken over by Selectman Kevin Libby; all members of the board have now served in this position. 

Selectman Libby brought an idea to the board prior to his election about having the Maine Army National Guard provide assistance to the Town for specific projects that would create a savings to taxpayers. The board has completed the application process and is currently awaiting approval. This would allow work to get done for the cost of materials and no cost for fuel or labor, to upgrade some of our seasonal roads. 

We signed two contracts after voter approval, one for the Revaluation of the town with KRT; an ongoing project we anticipate will be complete for the 2024 Tax Commitment. We also signed a maintenance agreement with Thayer Corp for the new municipal building which was negotiated at the same cost as the previous year.

With the use of American Rescue Plan Act funds (ARPA), the Board completed the following significant items; installation of a water booster pump for the town office and fire station, heat pumps at the town library, and upgraded the computer server with onsite backup at the town office, all of which were previously approved by voters. The board used the remaining funds to complete the Weeks Mills paving. This helped our public works budget with the loss of so much funding to washouts in the spring and early summer.

Joyce Alcorn retired from her position of numerous years, at no cost to the town, as Health Officer. Fire Chief Felicia Bell completed the mandatory training and was appointed as the New Sharon Health Officer for a three-year term -also donating her time as a volunteer. Many thanks to Joyce Alcorn for her years of service to the Town in this position. 

The Board along with the Parks & Recreation Committee approved Deborah Rose’s request to add a “Never Forget Garden” to include a

lighted flagpole and flower bed to the park on Chandler Road which she had previously donated to the Town. This was at no cost to taxpayers. Thank you, Deborah!

In December Mother Nature hit us with a devastating storm leaving all of New Sharon without power. Many roads were impassable due to severe flooding, downed trees, and washouts. The municipal building was used as a temporary warming shelter for several displaced families until volunteers opened Cape Cod Hill School as an emergency shelter. Shortly thereafter the shelter was moved to the Mt Blue Campus in Farmington. 

With no power to run the pump house the New Sharon Water District’s reservoir was quickly depleted. Many residents were left without drinking water. Maine Rural Water stepped in to assist the Board by locating and delivering a loaner generator from the Kennebec PUC. As soon as flood waters receded Meader Electric hooked it up at no charge to the Town. Because of their generosity, we were quickly able to restore water to all water district customers. Franklin County Emergency Management coordinated with the Board for the Maine Army National Guard to deliver six pallets of water to the town office/fire station.

In closing, we would like to thank each of you for your continued support as we look forward to 2024 and serving the Town for another year.   

Paula Nason, Chair

Travis Pond, Selectman

Kevin Libby, Selectman

Town of New Sharon, Board of Selectmen


Town Report

Sample Ballot

Financial Report


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