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2023 Election

of Officers

Friday, March 3


Voting at the Town Office

12 p.m. - 7 p.m.



Annual Town Meeting

Saturday, March 4

Cape Cod Hill Elementary School

9:00 a.m.​


Absentee Ballots 

Available Now

You may vote early in person in the presence of the Town Clerk.

You may call and personally request a ballot be mailed to you.

You can complete an application for an absentee ballot during Town Office hours.

2023 Annual
Town Meeting

We are excited to be able to meet in person this year and look forward to the discussions to keep New Sharon pointed in the direction its legislative body would drive it. This is the most important meeting of the year as the approved budget is the one the town must run on. 

Although the superintendent finally offered the RSU9 building just a week out from last year’s referendum vote, it was far less time than what was legally required to have the in-person meeting. There was already a referendum meeting that was taking place and absentee ballots had already been received. These absentee ballots had to be available 30 days prior to the referendum vote day.

The Board collaborated with Greater Franklin Economic Development in trying to get a better internet service in the area. Greater Franklin was able to secure that grant allowing this to take place in New Sharon with no added up-front cost by its taxpayers. Most households can now buy fiber internet.

Thayer Corporation has started its biannual maintenance of the building, the town’s standby generator was installed, paving in front of the New Sharon Fire Department was completed, and display cases for the historical contents arrived in November. These cases are custom-built and sized through direct coordination between the Historical Committee and the distributor.

The Board of Appeals met for the first time since member appointments. After meeting and electing a Chair and secretary, the appeal before them was withdrawn, although members had to vote to accept the withdrawal. Needless to say, everyone stepped up and took this role seriously with the next annual meeting taking place in early January of this year.

Trio Web was purchased, allowing staff to work remotely when needed. This upgrade will also allow (us or staff) to run multiple screens with the software, and supply a cloud backup off-site.

We wrote a letter of support for MEDOT after they approached us asking for one to help them get Route 27 paved. That project was indeed completed this year.

One of the last things the Board had to take action on was the role of Assessor. With the announcement that Tom Walker would be retiring, we had a large void to fill as Tom could often be seen working at the office throughout the week or weekend. He was instrumental in further advancing the Town by placing information from an archaic database known as ‘dwelling’ into a newer system known as Trio. The Board hired Assessing Agent Kevin McCormick who has ties to New Sharon through his late grandfather Ross McCormick and of course, former Town Clerk Rose Mary. We extend a big welcome to him!

This year’s budget is up $242,839 due to increases in debt service for the new FD truck, Planned re-evaluation, and needed bridge maintenance (with funds being put into the Capital Roads Reserve). The budget process is always difficult – especially this year as we continue to experience a tough financial climate. Identifying the needs vs. wants is the easy part – feeling good about what we ask you to raise and appropriate through taxation is the hardest. We are ever mindful that many, especially our older population – are finding it difficult to buy food, pay for utilities, and on top of that – pay property taxes.

On that note, the State introduced a new program - LD 290 – to help with ever-increasing property taxes for seniors in municipalities across Maine. We received over 150 applications. The program is intended to freeze property taxes for qualifying property owners at the current level.

Since its enactment, several municipal officials across the state have identified numerous concerns with the bill, including the unconstitutionality of the provisions mandating municipal implementation without state reimbursement or adoption of the initiative with a mandate preamble (Article IX, Section 21).  Whether the state will honor its promise to reimburse municipalities for 100% of the lost property tax revenues is also of grave concern. 

Without state reimbursement, the fear is that municipalities will need to shift the tax burden to those not enrolled in the program or reduce budgets so much that it cuts services in our communities. We are unsure of how New Sharon will be affected; the Board will work with our new Assessing Agent and Maine Municipal Association (MMA) to monitor any changes throughout the coming months.

You will also see a warrant article to begin funding a complete revaluation for New Sharon. Many of you will remember the last time this was done was 2007! Maine statutes require four-year reviews and complete revaluations every 10 years. With the active real estate market in the last few years, this process should be completed to ensure updates to all tax records and accurate value of all real property.

We are lucky to have a great team in place and extend our thanks to these folks who fill the roles of Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Treasurer, Code Enforcement Office, Local Health Officer, Assessing Agent, Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Road Commissioner, Ballot Clerks, Librarian, and E-911 Addressing Officer – along with the countless volunteers who give of their time to ensure our historical, cemeteries, Planning Board and Appeals Board all run smoothly. It is an honor to serve the residents of New Sharon – we look forward to the year ahead!

Respectfully submitted,

Lorna Nichols, Chair

Travis Pond, Selectman

Paula Nason, Selectperson

New Sharon Board of Selectmen


Town Report

Sample Ballot

Financial Report

Town Warrant



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